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What is The Noble Qur'an?

The Noble Qur’an is the final message of Allah revealed to His last messenger Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) for the guidance of mankind. This divine book came from our one creator who previously revealed Holy Scriptures to Prophet Ibraheem [Abraham], Torah to Prophet Musa [Moses], Psalms to Prophet Dawood [David], and the Gospel to Prophet Esa [Jesus]. Allah, Creator of the Universe, possesses perfect and complete knowledge, so there is no room for doubt regarding its content.

How do we know that The Noble Qur’an has never been changed?

Allah protects this book. In The Noble Qur’an our Lords says, "Surely I have revealed this reminder (The Noble Qur’an) and I will surely preserve it." (Chapter 15, verse 9)

What is the purpose of The Noble Qur’an?

The answer comes directly from The Noble Qur’an. Allah says, "This is a book which I have revealed to you (Prophet Mohammad PBUH) so that you can bring mankind out of utter darkness (ways of ignorance) to the light, by the consent of their Rabb, to the way of the Mighty, the Praiseworthy (Allah)." (Chapter 14, verse 1)
Who can get the true lesson from The Noble Qur’an?

Anyone who desires guidance from the Holy Quran can learn the true lesson. "Surely, in this book there is a lesson for every person who has a heart and listens attentively." (Chapter 50, verse 37)

Is The Noble Qur’an hard to understand and follow?

It might seem hard to us, something new is always hard in the beginning, but when we begin to learn it's actually very easy. Allah's answer to this is "We have indeed made The Noble Qur’an very easy to understand its cautionary advice: but is there anyone who would take its warning." (Chapter 54, verse 170)
Is The Noble Qur’an specifically sent for certain people?

It is a reminder for everyone. Allah says, "Surely this is but a reminder, so let him who wants to, take the right way to his Rabb (God)." (Chapter 73, verse 19)
What can be the true effect on someone who really understands and follows The Noble Qur’an?

"Allah has revealed the most beautiful message, a Book consistent in its verses yet, repeating its teachings in different ways, those fear their Rabb (God) are filled with awe when they hear it; then their skins and hearts become pliant to the remembrance of Allah. Such is the guidance of Allah: He guides with it whom He pleases but no one can guide those whom Allah leaves to wander about." (Chapter 39, verse 23)

What are the spiritual effect from reading and understanding The Noble Qur’an?

The Noble Qur’an is a way of remembering Allah that brings tranquility to the hearts. Allah says, "Those who believe and whose hearts finds comfort in remembering Allah, indeed in their remembrance of Allah, do hearts find comfort." (Chapter 13, verse 28)

In short, Allah loves us and this is why He guides us towards the right way by sending prophets and divine inspiration. If just for a moment think, what would happen if Allah only created us but didn't provide the means to survive in this world or give us the knowledge and guidance to recognize and worship Him in the way He approves? (We encourage you to think about this question for a moment and email us your thoughts if you would like to share them with us.)