Choose Your Color


Knowledge and wisdom are among the blessings our Lord bestows upon us, which we often don’t thank Him for or forget to acknowledge.

What is knowledge?

It is fact learned through study. We should seek information to learn the purpose of our existence in this world and to live our lives according to the Guidance of our Creator.

What is Wisdom?

It is the ability to understand inner qualities or relationships. It helps us to know and differentiate between right and wrong, which leads to good judgment. Wisdom is the light in eyes that can see the origin of the things around us. Insha Allah, (God Willing) through wisdom our views will change. We see all the glitters is not gold and all that black is not coal. We learn not to differentiate because of skin color but look beyond realizing that everyone’s blood is red. We all are gifted with some wisdom. When used properly it increases and benefits us, but if not used properly it is wasted. To use wisdom properly we need information to gain knowledge; therefore, I dedicate this information Page to knowledge and wisdom.

Insha Allah (God Willingly) we will be posting quotes of wisdom and helpful and interesting information in the weeks to come.
I also welcome and encourage readers to send any pertinent information they come across. Increase your knowledge with the
information below.