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These were the instructions, which Allah (God) gave when the first human was sent in this world with his worst enemy, Shaitan (Satan). Beginning of mankind started with guidance from their creator. For this purpose, Allah has sent His messengers, known as Prophets. Some of these chosen men were given Holy Scripture. These Prophets were sent to mankind when we went astray. These selected men were given an identical message to share with mankind; there is only one Allah (God) to worship, he has all the power and resources, and we have to obey Him. Their mission was to spread His message, so we can live our lives according to His divine laws. In the end you will be in Heaven in the hereafter and there is severe punishment for those who disobey His rules.

In The Noble Qur’an, the word for prophets is Rasul and Nabi. They both are divinely inspired recipients of Allah's revelation. However, in addition, Rasuls were given the divine message in form of scripture. While, every Rasul is a Nabi, not ever Nabi is a Rasul. Allah in His infinite mercy has sent many Prophets for the guidance of mankind; it is believed that there were approximately 124,000 prophets.

These special men were a blessing given by Allah for the whole world. They lived simple humble lives and conveyed His message. Even at their time people realized this fact and convinced their own people as in this Quranic Verse.

These sincere men fulfilled their duties. They did not ask for any compensation for teaching mankind. The All Mighty gave them their rewards. These prophets of Allah said to their people.
With all of the prophets their lives may be different and their stories aren't the same but their mission is basically the same to share Allah's message with the world and that is:

May Allah guide us to follow the right path towards Him and to follow His messengers and forgive us all in the hereafter. Aameen (Amen)

  • Muhammad PBUH
  • Adam (Adam)
  • Idris (Enoch)
  • Nuh (Noah)
  • Hud (Eber)
  • Saleh (Shaloh)
  • Ibrahim (Abraham)
  • Lut (Lot)
  • Isma’il (Ishmael)
  • Is’haq (Issac)
  • Yaqub (Jacob)
  • Yusuf (Joseph)
  • Shu’aib (Jethro)
  • Ayyub (Job)
  • Musa (Moses)
  • Harun (Aaron)
  • Dhul-Kifl (Ezekiel)
  • Dawud (David)
  • Sulaiman (Soloman)
  • Ilyas (Elijah)
  • Al-Yasa (Elisha)
  • Yunus (Jonah)
  • Zakriya (Zechariah)
  • Yah-Ya (John)
  • Esa (Jesus)