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People who love Allah learn to love all His creations.
"This is the book in which there is no doubt. It is a guide for those who are God conscious." (2:2)

Many people have questioned why I have chosen to share the Holy Quran on a website when there are already many online sites.
There are many Quran's available but I could not find any in a worksheet format.
The Holy Quran is the final message Allah (God) revealed to His last messenger Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) for the guidance of mankind.
This divine book came from our one creator who previously revealed Holy Scriptures to Prophet Ibraheem (Abraham), Torah to Prophet Musa (Moses),
Psalms to Prophet Dawood (David), and the Gospel to Prophet Esa (Jesus).

There is always a good reason to do something. For example, our hungry stomach becomes the reason for our cooking or going out to eat. One day,
my soul became hungrier to learn and teach the word-by-word meanings of the Holy Quran.

I believe writing helps us learn better and faster than reading and listening alone. The first step was to initiate a method where everyone could write
in their language the meanings of the Holy Quran from a "Learned Teacher".

With Allah's guidance I decided to print the Holy Quran on a worksheet where there will be a line of Quranic words followed by blank lines to write
the meanings. He helped me find two wonderful ladies, Linda and Mary Lynn (Alhamdulillah now Sumbul and Maryam), who promised to assist me
in my project. As this work began, I thought how could I give this Holy Quran to anyone who wants to learn from anywhere in the world. I wanted to
give them access to these worksheets, at no charge. I am a housewife who knows very little about computers, but I knew that cyberspace is the best
way to send this message throughout the world. So I decided to create a website from a God Lover to all God Lovers who want to understand the
Holy Quran for the sake of learning and following the true meanings.

My ultimate desire is to inspire mankind to learn the true message of Allah so they can choose the right way to live their lives according to His divine
laws. He is our Creator, Creator of the universe, and the one we will return to and answer for what we did in our lives. To be successful in the hereafter
and enter eternal Heavens we must know and follow the message that He has sent into this world.

The following message from the Holy Quran may inspire us to read and understand it so that we can live our lives according to the
divine laws of our Creator.
"Obey Allah and His Prophet so that you may be shown mercy. Rush towards forgiveness

from your Rabb (God) and to a paradise as vast as the Heavens and the Earth which is prepared for

Those who spend generously in the way of Allah, whether they are in prosperity or
adversity, who control their anger and forgive other people, Allah loves such charitable people, who if they commit

any indecency or wrong their own souls, earnestly remember Allah and seek forgiveness
for their sins; for no one can forgive sins except Allah, and those who do not do persist in something wrong
knowingly. Such people will be rewarded with forgiveness from their Rabb (God) beside gardens

beneath which rivers flow, to live therein forever. How excellent is the reward for such laborers!" (3:132-136)

I would like to thank everyone who has supported our efforts, whether it was simply through thoughts, guidance,
assistance or contributions. May Allah reward them for their efforts and give them guidance towards the right path.
the righteous people.

Please pray for me, my family and friends who encourage me to take this heavy responsibility. May Allah give me enough life,
health, knowledge, strength and the means to finish what I have started and accept my efforts and reward me here and in the
hereafter. I pray for everyone of you, even those who tried to discourage me in my mission and crush my spirit with their unkind
words. May Allah bless every one of us with His mercy and true guidance. May Allah help us to strive hard for his cause and his
gratification. Ameen (Amen)!